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Our heavily reinforced product is practically bulletproof. Built specifically for the efficiency minded rink technicians, this is a 4 function purpose-designed product which is way better than traditional single function, non-durable squeegees. It lasts way longer and is a Push Pull tool with two edges: a 0 Ply Neoprene or 2 Ply reinforced stiffer blade on one edge and a heavy gage Stainless Steel blade for smooth scraping and pulling ice cuttings from your ice sheet.... from outside of the rink with its 72" Brazilian hardwood handle. Lasts longer and does more than just a squeegee! Put your best foot forward...but not on wet ice! For the budget minded rink and provides some of the best features of the original heavy duty Rink Blasters in a smaller lighter package.

Stainless Steel 30" Mini Rink Blaster II
Stainless Steel 30" Mini Rink Blaster II
Item# StainlessSteelmini-rink-blaster-30

Product Description

Pull the stainless steel blade and scrape hardening slush (not frozen solid) and remove it from the rink. No need to risk falling by standing out on the slippery wet ice to try to push using traditional squeegees and shovels.

NOTE ON THE RADIUS OPTION: Laser cut to conform to National Hockey League (NHL) specification for corner radius of 8.5 metres (28 ft)(standard North American 28 foot corner radius.) SELECT RADIUS MODEL IF YOUR RINK ICE SHEET SURFACE IS LOWER THAN THE TOP OF THE THRESHOLD PLATE (ICE DAM) AND IF IT IS A CORNER GATE. THE RADIUS MODEL WILL HELP YOU SCOOP THE ICE SHAVINGS AND SLUSH FROM THIS "STEP" UP AND HELP PREVENT "RAMPING". For straight gates, the Straight Rink Blaster will also remove shavings at the raised ice dam or threshold. Click here for more information.