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Our prices now reflect the first product price increase in 3 years and includes Safety Yellow Powder coating paint to help avoid "run overs" helping your Blaster last even longer and help to reduce replacement costs over the long run. A full stainless steel hardware set is used in our Sidewalk Blasters to enable replacements of rubber blades and handle. Will not rust up like other products that are riveted together. Worth every penny, will outlast other pusher shovels...and will do things they can't do....squeegee slush and water and mud, and pull tough to move ice chunks. It is the WIDEST of our ultra durable Sidewalk Blasters, this model will quickly and easily remove "brown snow" slush and light snow quickly and easily from hotel entrances, front steps (by pulling from the top down with the heavy duty rubber blade). Easily sweep and squeegee wet snow and brown slush away from hotel entrances and walkways...keep the lobby clear of mess. Save your heart and back...NO LIFTING. Push or Pull. No need to constantly replace cheap light gage metal or plastic shovels again and again! M A D E I N U S A ! Smooth pulling or pushing action. Will not catch on sidewalk cracks. No back straining jerky movements like some "wheeled" products. Heavy duty construction with replaceable rubber blades. Snow Plowing Contractors save 6 to 8 minutes per property using Sidewalk Blasters to pull snow from walls, doors, drive through bank islands. Pull the snow onto the lot and then finish with the plow truck. The 48" Sidewalk Blaster is great for hotel entrances and municipal buildings with flat or terraced entrances and walks. These Blasters make more frequent sweeps of slush and snow easier and actually fun and will reduce interior clean up after hours by doing a better job of keeping slush and slop out of the lobby.

48" Economy Sidewalk Blaster
48" Economy Sidewalk Blaster
Item# sidewalk-blaster-48

Product Description

Superwide 48" SIDEWALK BLASTER will pay for itself quickly in more jobs done and more efficient use of work crews. Why buy plastic shovels year after year? Eliminates typical back problems because this is a Pusher , Puller, Scraper, squeegee hybrid. Used by itself or used with power equipment it is perfect for clearing large areas quickly. This high efficiency hybrid snow removal tool can pull as well as push snow, slush, water, and other materials. This Patent Pending contractor grade tool is more efficient than other snow pushers and in some light snow and slush applications, much much faster than heavy noisy snowblowers.

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