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Our prices now reflect the first product price increase in 3 years and includes Safety Yellow Powder coating paint to help avoid "run overs" helping your Blaster last even longer and help to reduce replacement costs over the long run. A full stainless steel hardware kit is used to enable replacements of blades and handles. Will not rust up like other riveted products. Save your heart and back...NO LIFTING. Professional snow plow operators report clearing snow up to 6 inches in 1/4 of their usual time...even on difficult cobblestone sidewalks and entrances. Totally new design boosts efficiency for pulling and pulling snow and slush. No need to constantly replace cheap light gage metal or plastic shovels again and again! M A D E I N U S A !! Smooth pulling or pushing action. Will not catch on sidewalk cracks. No jerky movements like some "wheeled" products. Snow Plowing Contractors save 6 to 8 minutes per property using Sidewalk Blasters to pull snow from walls, doors, drive through bank islands. Pull the snow onto the lot and then finish with the plow truck. ALSO, if you have a small snowblower in your truck and use it for walkways at your customers property, using a Sidewalk Blaster will cut down on the strain of getting your snow blower in and out of the pickup truck bed. Only use it for over 8 inches...use the Blasters for all the other times.

36" Economy Sidewalk Blaster
36" Economy Sidewalk Blaster
Item# sidewalk-blaster-36

Product Description

Wide 36" SIDEWALK BLASTER will pay for itself quickly in more jobs done and more efficient use of work crews. Stop lifting snow and start pulling or pushing.

Used by itself or used with power equipment it is perfect for clearing large areas quickly. This very durable high efficiency snow removal tool PULLS and PUSHES snow, slush, water, and other materials. Plus it is made in the USA and creates jobs HERE.

Perfect for stamped concrete sidewalks and drives. Will not scratch surface glazing!

This Patent Pending contractor grade tool is approximately 50% more efficient than other snow pushers, PLUS it can pull more snow than you can push. Snow Plowing companies save hours each day using this product to pull snow away from buildings or when snow blowers clog or break. 36" wide 12 gauge aluminum blade add up to years of service. Bottom rubber squeegee edge is replaceable. Stainless steel hardware used throughout. Click here for more information.

Available widths: 24", 36", 48"