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"Economically, its a no-brainer to buy a Rink Blaster." Rink staff at Baldwinsville Twin Rinks. Problem: Standing on wet ice to remove slush and water has caused serious injuries. Ordering, replacing, and fixing squeegees year after year is an added expense in both time and money. SOLUTION: Rink Blasters keep workers off the ice to perform their task, they do a quicker better job than squeegees, plus they will last indefinitely. RESULTS: Rink managers purchase Rink Blasters to immediately improve worker safety AND save money. They save more than their purchase price because they will never have to buy another squeegee again. Great for wet or snowy outdoor rinks as well. We have been told: "Economically, its a no-brainer to buy a Rink Blaster."

48" Economy Rink Blaster Straight and Radius models
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Product Description

Our prices now reflect the first product price increase in 3 years and includes Safety Yellow Powder coating paint to help avoid "run overs" helping your Rink Blaster last even longer and help to reduce replacement costs over the long run.

With this one purchase, immediately create a safer workplace for your staff. Improve efficiency and forget about fixing or replacing broken squeegees. It will pay for itself in squeegee savings alone. By making the job easier and quicker you can boost morale and efficiency while saving approximately 24 hrs labor per year clearing slush and water.

Make the job safer and keep your staff from slipping and falling on wet ice.

This is not just a squeegee. It is a hybrid pusher puller super squeegee that is a machine designed for Rinks. It will outlast hundreds of conventional squeegees and do the job better and quicker than before.

A couple of our customers have accidentally driven over their Rink Blasters with their ice resurfacers! They did not break and they are still using them!

Great for wet or snowy outdoor rinks as well.

For facilities with more than one rink, equip each rink with a Rink Blaster to reduce to reduce shipping costs per unit.

Rink Blasters are used around the world and we have no dissatisfied customers because of its durability and efficiency.

It is a new, unique Puller / Pusher / and Super Squeegee and scraper blade with a 6 foot heavy duty reinforced fiberglass handle.

NOTE ON THE RADIUS OPTION: Laser cut to conform to National Hockey League (NHL) specification for corner radius of 8.5 metres (28 ft)(standard North American 28 foot corner radius.) SELECT RADIUS MODEL IF YOUR RINK ICE SHEET SURFACE IS LOWER THAN THE TOP OF THE THRESHOLD PLATE (ICE DAM) AND IF IT IS A CORNER GATE. THE RADIUS MODEL WILL HELP YOU SCOOP THE ICE SHAVINGS AND SLUSH FROM THIS "STEP" UP AND HELP PREVENT "RAMPING". For straight gates, the Straight Rink Blaster will also remove shavings at the raised ice dam or threshold. This is a big time saver since there is no more fussing with shovels and or squeegees.

Just pull it towards you and tip up the handle to lift out the ice cuttings across the threshold plate.

For Pond Hockey or backyard or municipal rinks, the 'NO CATCH" 4 foot wide blade lets you quickly consolidate snow without catching on ice bumps or cuts in the ice. Its quiet and fast. Push wet snow, slush, and water better than you have ever done before. Approximately 50% more efficient than conventional pusher shovels in the Push mode, and much more powerful in the Pull mode, which no other product does. Rink Blaster lets you move more snow with less effort in less time. It even lets you pull greater amounts than you can ordinarily push! Rink Blaster is the very best tool for clearing snow from backyard ice skating rinks because it will not catch on rough surfaces. Smoother, quicker, and safer for you. 12 Gauge aluminum construction with a 6 foot long contractor grade reinforced fiberglass handle. Click here for more information.