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Our prices now reflect the first product price increase in 3 years and includes Safety Yellow Powder coating paint to help avoid "run overs" helping your Rink Blaster last even longer and help to reduce replacement costs over the long run. Rink Blaster makes the job easier, quicker, safer, and boosts morale and efficiency...saves approximately 24 hrs labor per year clearing slush and water. Make the job safer and keep your staff from slipping and falling on wet ice. Rink Blaster ships in a flat box to reduce FedEx charges. Simple assembly instructions are include to walk you through the ten minute assembly time. See images of Rink Blaster� in use in the Customer Testimonial video link below.

 36" Economy Rink Blaster Straight and Radius models
36" Economy Rink Blaster Straight and Radius models
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Product Description

RINK BLASTER is builtf in the USA with ruggedness and durability in mind. Pull the aluminum blade and scrape hardening slush (not frozen solid) and remove it from the rink. No need to risk falling by standing out on the slippery wet ice to try to push using traditional squeegees and methods.

NOTE ON THE RADIUS OPTION: Laser cut to conform to National Hockey League (NHL) specification for corner radius of 8.5 metres (28 ft)(standard North American 28 foot corner radius.) SELECT RADIUS MODEL IF YOUR RINK ICE SHEET SURFACE IS LOWER THAN THE TOP OF THE THRESHOLD PLATE (ICE DAM) AND IF IT IS A CORNER GATE. THE RADIUS MODEL WILL HELP YOU SCOOP THE ICE SHAVINGS AND SLUSH FROM THIS "STEP" UP AND HELP PREVENT "RAMPING". For straight gates, the Straight Rink Blaster will also remove shavings at the raised ice dam or threshold.

Stainless steel hardware with locking nuts is standard. Comes with either soft or firm rubber blade. Please specifiy. The soft blade is not for outdoor use. Complete outdoor snow removal of up to 6 inches in a fraction of the time.

The Radius model was developed to solve a problem at a major university Ice Skating Pavilion in Syracuse NY. The ice technicians maintained the ice sheet surface about 1.5 cm below the top of the threshold plate (ice dam) at their corner gate. The weekend staff would not "scoop" out the ice shavings and by Monday morning there was a solid ramp at the gate which the rink manager had to chip out. He was not too happy about this. With a Radius Rink Blaster you can slide the blade up to the threshold and tip the blade up and pull the ice shavings out of the rink with one smooth movement. However, if your ice surface is even with the top of the threshold plate you do not need a Radius model.