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Our prices now reflect the first product price increase in 3 years and includes Safety Yellow Powder coating paint to help avoid "run overs" helping your Rink Blaster last even longer and help to reduce replacement costs over the long run. Lasts longer and does more than just a squeegee! Put your best foot forward...but not on wet ice! The 30" Mini Rink Blaster is for the budget minded rink and provides some of the best features of the original heavy duty Rink Blasters in a smaller lighter package. The new Mini Rink Blaster has double the functionality of a standard squeegee because you can pull the metal blade and scrape ice shavings as well as push and pull with the squeegee blade. The aluminum Laser Cut blade allows you to easily pull and scrape ice shavings and freezing slush from the rink better than any squeegee. Comes standard with 72" heavy duty Brazilian Hardwood handle, 30" rubber squeegee blade, and Laser cut aluminum scraper blade. For rinks with a ice sheet lower than the threshold, remove the ice shavings from the step-up to prevent ramping of the ice at the gate. Pull the metal blade up to the plate then lift the shavings out. The Radius option will conform to the curvature of the threshold plate to get all the shavings out. The straight blade option works well for straight gates. Straight Metal edge shown below.

ALUMINUM 30" Mini Rink Blaster
ALUMINUM 30" Mini Rink Blaster
Item# ALUMINUMmini-rink-blaster-30

Product Description

Pull the aluminum blade and scrape hardening slush (not frozen solid) and remove it from the rink. No need to risk falling by standing out on the slippery wet ice to try to push using traditional squeegees and shovels. NOTE ON THE RADIUS OPTION: We developed the Radius model to solve a problem at a major university Ice Skating Pavilion. They maintained the ice sheet surface about 1.5 cm below the top of the threshold plate at their corner gate. The weekend staff would not "scoop" out the ice shavings and by Monday morning there was a solid ramp at the gate which the rink manager had to chip out. With a Radius Rink Blaster you can slide the blade up to the threshold and tip the blade up and pull it out of the rink with one movement. However, if your ice surface is even with the top of the threshold plate you really wouldn't need the Radius model. For straight gates, the Straight Rink Blaster will also remove shavings at the raised ice dam or threshold. THEREFORE SELECT RADIUS MODEL IF YOUR RINK ICE SHEET SURFACE IS LOWER THAN THE TOP OF THE THRESHOLD PLATE AND IF IT IS A CORNER GATE. THE RADIUS MODEL WILL HELP YOU CLEAR THE ICE SHAVINGS AND SLUSH FROM THIS "STEP" UP AND HELP PREVENT "RAMPING". Click here for more information.