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CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL for our Waste Blaster Product: Rich, As per our phone conversations as to performance of the Waste Blasters. They have proven very useful in the clean up of sludge and grit spills throughout the Metro Treatment Plant here in Syracuse. We also tested these Waster Blasters in the Annual cleaning and maintenance inspection of the tanks as well. We found that the Blasters met several of our cleaning issues by doing this field testing. The Blasters cut down the time by at least one third and were very effective in cleaning the sludge and grit from the tank floors as well as cleaning the out fall troughs. A conservative estimate of $500.00 per day times 22 tanks proves to be quite cost effective, as we had hoped to find. There is also the ergonomic factor, while doing the annual maintenance by ease of use and less physical strain normally associated with this type of work. We look forward to procuring more of these Blasters as they have proven to be a cost effective and ergonomic tool for this department. Yes you can use my statement as reference. It should be noted that this statement is in my opinion however. You may also receive another order after the first of the year due to the effectiveness of these Blasters. Thank you, J. S. Mechanical Maintenance Coordinator Metro Plant Syracuse, New York - In use in waste water treatment facilities across the country and in Canada.

24" Economy Rink and Waste Blasters
24" Economy Rink and Waste Blasters
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Product Description

Its a no brainer that these durable Waste Blasters will pay for themselves quickly and will do a better job with less worker stress. They last a long long time, improve efficiency, and eliminate repairing or re-ordering traditional squeegees. Waste Blasters boost productivity in the oil recycling and marine industry (clearing residual oil from oil barges so the next load does not become mixed with the previous type of oil.)

Medium sized Waste Water Treatment plants typically purchase from 15 to 22 Waste Blasters and Sidewalk Blasters.

Using the 24" Waste Blaster first when sediment is deeper, then using the 36" Sidewalk Blaster for final clean up of what is left will greatly speed up a job.

This is not your father's squeegee! It is an extremely durable dual function, heavy duty hybrid pusher puller machine that will improve your process, exceed your expectations and save you money. It will do a superior job in less time with no work stoppages due to breaking squeegees since it will outlast hundreds of conventional squeegees. It is a versatile and very efficient tool that will provide surprisingly superior results. Made of 12 gage aluminum, it has a replaceable heavy duty reinforced rubber blade. Flip it over and pull to scrape with the top working aluminum edge.

All stainless steel hardware used throughout.