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Product line overview:

High utility and durability: Unique functional design creates worker safety and saved $ and suffering for workers. Unique multi use design creates less time spent doing its job. Multi function design does 4 jobs of pushing, pulling, scraping, and squeegeeing. Less time spent walking to get a shovel, then a squeegee, then a scraper. It lasts many times longer than the competition. Our prices now reflect the first product price increase in 3 years and includes Safety Yellow Powder coating paint to help avoid "run overs" helping your Rink Blaster last even longer and help to reduce replacement costs over the long run.

Rink maintenance customers say our products are "bullet proof!", "Its a Mini Bulldozer", "Its a Super-Time saver", "Lasts way longer than what we bought in the past." "Very happy we have them now."

Multi use: Clear slush, snow, water, oil, easier, more completely, and in less time. Because they do the job better and quicker you save money immediately.

For snow clearing you can literally "Blast" down the sidewalk with more speed and much less chance of catching on cracks and stopping like ordinary shovels and snow pushers. That's why we call them Blasters! If you are interested in saving money, immediately improving workplace safety, improving staff moral, eliminating the reordering of "future landfill" conventional shovels and squeegees then our Patent Pending Blaster products give you a "better" way to move materials such as ice arena ice cuttings and water, petroleum industry oil and oil spills, snow, slush, water, waste water treatment plant silt sludge and spills. Snow Plow operators save valuable time at each stop during periods of snow of up to 6 inches. No need to pile snow by hand or haul the snow blower from the truck or to wear out your back lifting snow ...just pull or push it out of the way easily and move it further with your truck plow as you leave the property. Save 5 to 6 minutes on each of your customers' properties depending on the size of the job.

These Blasters are 50% more efficient than conventional push shovels...and they will not catch on each and every sidewalk expansion joint or crack! Look at the Sidewalk Blaster video on the Sidewalk Blaster page.

The 30" Mini Rink Blasters is available in either an aluminum blade or a stainless steel blade. The blades come in both straight metal edge or Radius metal edge.

If you need to remove stains from the ice after accidents, then the SPOT Blaster 6" wide ice scraper with attached 10"squeegee in 12 gage stainless steel will save you time. This is a quick and efficient way to remove undesirable spots from the ice.

USA made Blasters move materials safer and faster than you have ever experienced before. Heavy wet snow, crusty refrozen snow, water, sludge, viscous liquids, oil, sediment, and silt are no match for our Blasters.

Typical comments from customers: "The men fell in love with them!", "The crews really like this product." , "I have been looking for something like that for a long time." Contact us and we will send you pages of customer testimonials from Canada, Australia, and all across the USA.

Sidewalk Blaster resists catching and abruptly stopping on sidewalk cracks. Easy on the hands . Plus you can pull more snow than you can push!

Rink Blasters are an immediate improvement in worker safety for ice skating rinks. They do a better job clearing slush, water, and ice shavings from the gate area after ice cutting operations. You will not have to buy squeegees again. They clear the ice shavings from the step up when you threshold ice dam is higher than you ice sheet.

Quickly push off water from outdoor rinks faster than you have ever done before. Clears rink water and paint pigment when removing arena ice.

All Blasters have replaceable heavy duty reinforced 1/4" rubber bottom blades. A single ply softer blade is available as well. The locking stainless steel nuts and bolts that hold the blade will not rust.

Blasters vary from model to model with different handles and blade compound for different applications. Call us and ask about your particular requirements.

Our products have also helped professional roofing contractors clear snow from roofs in record time.

Please call us at 315 569-9974. We accept all major credit cards over the phone as well as processing your orders through this website. We look forward to serving you. The Blaster Family of products is USA and Foreign Patents Pending. Rink Blaster and Sidewalk Blaster are Registered Trademarks of Way Cool Product Company LLC USA.